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Our environmentally aware company is based in Newhaven East Sussex, it was established by David Guy to provide efficient, expert solutions to businesses and individuals. Our primary services are Pest Eradication from your home or business including contract pest control services. We specialise in Wasp nest & Bee treatments, we are well known for  relocating Bees where possible, (David Guy is a registered beekeeper).  We also offer a host of specialty pest management services to cater for the unique needs of our clients. This company is part of a larger family business that has served Sussex for more than 30 years in professional Pest Control solutions.  We have the ability to draw on vast experience to serve your corporations, partnerships, and organisations and are experts in the treatment needed to suit our clients.

We hope you'll find the information you need on this site about our company and the products, services we provide. We cover all areas in East Sussex including Seaford, Newhaven, Lewes, Peacehaven, Bishopstone, Bexhill, Ninfield, Brighton, Hove, Cooden, Jevington, Saltdean, Southease, Northease, Telscombe, Ringmer, Chailey, Polegate, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Alfriston and other surrounding areas. We hope you will choose us to deal with your pest problem & look forward to working with you.



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News & Updates

Rats and Mice are looking for somewhere warm to spend the cold winter days be sure to check your property for any access points, we can call and advise, prevention is better than cure. Jan 2019

The video above shows Wasps removing insulation to allow the nest to expand, below that a Buff Tailed Bumble Bee working in a Squash flower in East Sussex.

Call now for an immediate response.  Same day treatments available.


We are continually testing new products and are now offering environmantally friendly chemical free treatments, please call for further information.

We act as consultants to companies regarding pest control, prevention and management practice.

Many people are mistaking Bee's for Wasps please call for free phone advice before taking any action on Bee's or Wasps.

Moles are now becoming active as the spring draws nearer, please call for a quote "No Mole No Fee".

Rodents are moving around now so keep areas tidy and ensure birds that are being fed are eating all the food, food left and uneaten can encourage unwanted visitors (Rats & Mice) to your premises.

We are now in a position to take further contract work in the Sussex area, call for further information and prices.

A callout to the local Coffee Shop The Apiary in Alfriston to find Ivy Bees in the garden, no problems as they do not sting (unless handled).  These are a relatively new species for the UK arriving in about 2001, as fas as we know they are quite harmless to our native species.  Why not pop in on a sunny day and watch the Bees and their interesting behaviour.

Please be careful who you call to work with bees these could be easily identified incorrectly and killed for no reason.



We are proud members of the:


NPTA: National Pest Technicians Association


BBKA: British Bee Keepers Association


Brighton & Lewes Bee Keepers 

Basis Prompt, Continual Professional Development

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We consider the environment on every course of work we complete, every effort is made to complete works without using chemicals where possible.

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Moles can ruin a lawn in a very short time, if you see evidence of activity around the edges of your lawn please call us as soon as posible.  It will not be long before you have significant damage to your lawn that can take months to repair.  No Mole No Fee options available. We use humane methods of trapping and never use gas as an option.


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We offer an immediate response to your emergancy call and are often with you within an hour or two if at all possible.

Family Business

The Family have been in pest control for many decades. David with his Bee Hives.

The family business is pest control and we offer all forms of treatment to your premises be that commercial or domestic, we value all customers and take pride in offering a fast and efficient service.

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