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We provide full eradication of your pests and will advise to help prevent further infestations. 

Pre-Visit Preparation

We Need Your Help to effect a thorough treatment of some Pests

We would like to thank you for the confidence you might place in us to provide Pest Control for your home or business. We wish to assure you that we shall be using safe and effective, low odour insecticides/rodenticides at your premise. All products employed will be applied according to current legislation and safety will be of the utmost importance to us. Any animal trapping programme will be carried out discreetly and in a humane manner.

 For some pests, in order for us to carry out an effective and complete job, we require your help by carrying out the following instructions before we arrive to treat your home/business:


  1. Remove all non furniture objects from floors including, toys, cushions, boxes and other items, so that all areas of the floor can be treated.
  2. Remove all articles from under the beds, and from under furniture as these areas are where fleas live and need to be treated thoroughly.
  3. Vacuum all floors and upholstered furniture to remove animal hair, organic debris, fleas, flea eggs and pupae.
  4. Remove vacuum cleaner bag after vacuuming and dispose of in waste bin or plastic refuse bag outside.
  5. Remove pets from the premises and do not allow back into the house until the treatment has completely dried.
  6. Do Not vacuum for at least 10 - 14 days after. This will give the insecticide time to eliminate all stages of the flea infestation.
  7. It may be advisable to have your pet checked out for flea treatment by your vet or to carry out your own treatment on the pets using proprietary flea treatment, always making sure you read and follow the instructions on the label.


Your help is essential. Although you may see a few fleas for a day or two after treatment, be patient. These fleas will be eliminated in a short time. If you continue to see fleas after 14 days from the treatment being carried out, please report it to us by calling 01273 514411..



  1. Move all furniture away from the walls in affected rooms.
  2. Pull kitchen appliances away from the walls.
  3. Empty kitchen base units and larder cupboards as far as possible.